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Performetric's Desktop App

Desktop App redesign made for Performetric. The main goals of the renewal were to improve the User Experience and create a way to interact with the user through the creation and improvement of micro interactions.

Performetric's Web App

Web App redesign made for Performetric. The Web App is the platform that usually Team Leaders and Team Managers use in order to be aware of the employees mental fatigue status. The project goal was to improve the navigation system and give the user a natural and enjoyable user navigation and experience.

MeuSporting iOS App

Because I’m always trying to improve my skills and I’m always up to a challenge, what could be better than joining two of my biggest loves? This is a concept I developed to Sporting Clube de Portugal iOS App. The official app has a lot of issues regarding to the User Experience and User Interface, so I decided to create a modern app. This concept has a lot of added features that do not exist on the official app.

Google Maps Add-On

Technology is present in everything we do in these days. I’m a great fan of Google Maps because though the app I can know the open - close schedule of a place, I can save the place were I live, were I work or any other place that I want. So I though… what if we could create a conexion, through the Google Maps app, that tells you the traffic and the weather? Imagine that you have an appointment in one hour… If you need to drive to the appointment and if it’s raining, probably you should get out of the office a little bit before.


I’m a Product Designer that always tries to get envolved as much as I can, in order to help Startups achieve their full potential. Good is the enemy of great, so everytime I start a new project I like to start it from scratch. Concept defines everything, and Concept makes possible to humanize technology through style, simplicity, elegance and cleanance. Do you want to know more about this possibility? Click here.


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