Google Maps Add-On


The presesence of technology in on our lifes is always improving. Ten 10 years ago you would only use your phone to make calls and text, but now it's a most have.
Thanks to Google, you have access to a great ammount of different contents, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Tasks, Calendar, GoogleNews, Primer, Google Maps, etc.
I use a lot the Google Maps, but I imagined the possibilies this app could have if Google could create a bigger connection between their app's.


Let's imagine this situation:
Let's say that you're at work on a rainy afternoon, but you'll need to leave the office earlier because you have an appoitment on the other side of the town. It's 4PM, The appointement is at 5PM, and by car it will take you 20 minutes to get there. But It's raining so let's say that instead of 20 minutes, you would take 30 minutes (safety first right?!). Still you may say "But I still got another 30 minutes until 5PM" and you're god damn right… but what about the traffic?
Imagine that Google Maps could adapt to your environment… to the weather, to another people and adapt to the events. If Google Maps is a great app already, imagine if you could have all of this features.


The part of technology in our lives is fundamental. Technology is a life saver and walks based on our needs. Weather, appointments, traffic… this three added features are always present on our live. It doesn't really matters if you go from home to work by foot, by car, bycicle or any other kind of transportation… what really matters is your way and the environment you find.
People can get in serious problems because of the weather… There are accidents and it must be avoided. Don't you know someone that get's late to appointements? This feature doesn't makes any miracles but it may have a fundamental part because it would bring a sense of responsability and time to each one of us. The traffic is unpredictable because there can be accidents or waist your time.


The Google Maps Add-On has three features that I believe it will be fundamental on our everyday's life. It's obviously a great app, that will save you a lot of time. Still, I believe it's only a matter on time until this features really appears because the way society worksk demands it. This concept has nothing to do with Google, but I hope you liked it. I've built a very simple prototype so that you could experience how it would work.
In case you're interested to test the concept, click here. Have a great day.