MeuSporting iOS App


I really love Design and my club, Sporting Clube de Portugal.
Sporting CP made 112 years on July 1st 2018 and one day later, I've become an associated of the club. For those who don't know the app, I'll describe it to you: It takes you back to the old times… to the age of the iPhone 3G. Unfortunately, It's not only a design issue… the content of the app is extremely limited: You have the highlights, that gives you the reviews of the last games of all the modalities. You have the buy screen, to buy tickets. The quotas, where you can pay your associate taxes. And my tickets to see the game.
So basically, I enter the app and in less than 5 minutes I'm out. There's not interaction, no experience and the lack of style is astonishing.

So why not enjoy of two things I like, and join them?


I though about what I really would like to have in a app. I wanted an app that could give me access to all of the content inside Sporting CP website.
Therefore, the app would now have:

• "Loja Verde" - Sporting CP official store, in here i can buy the team kits, accessories, and a lot of other things related to the club;
• "Leaderboard" - That way I can see the current position of team and the rest of the table.
• "Calendar" - So I can know when each modality plays, agaisnt who and of course, buy the tickets.
• "Profile" - Where I have all my data, like associated information related, notifications, etc.


Again, why have an app if you only use it during 5 minutes?
If you are an associate, you'll have access to a 10% discount on any official product. So if you're logged in your account, the price in "Loja Verde" will automatically associate the price with the discount. You can put items in the bag and make the payment directly from the app.
You can see the "Leaderboard" of any modality. If you go to the "Calendar" you can see all the games of all the modalities or you can filter by the sport you want and buy the ticket. Through your "Profile" you can pay you're quotas, activate notifications regarding to the club (so in case the football team is playing, you would be notified that the game began, when Sporting scores/suffers a goal and the end of the match).


This is only a concept design I made in order to improve my skills as a designer, and I've picked a topic of great interest to me because I was sure it would be a good challenge.
Anyway I believe that there's a lot of work still regarding to this concept. So let's call this Version 1.0 and wait for an improved version…

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